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You need to take the right pill.
At the right time.
Simple, Right?
Well, not really.
Staggering numbers of hospital readmissions are due to over or under-medicating at home by the patient or caregiver.

These are odds you need to beat.

Here’s Your Solution

PillMap - your medication management solution


PillMap is a companion to your traditional weekly pill container. You customize PillMap once and it becomes your trusted visual guide.

Medications change? No problem. It’s easy to re-customize with the new meds.

No guess work – you have a visual sample pill to make sure the meds are correct. Designed for once a day meds or multiple meds throughout the day. You customize it to your needs!

PillMap is simple to use, highly affordable, and puts you in control.

Watch our short video to see how it works

PillMap Video

PillMap™ is your trusted visual guide
to replenish your weekly container.

PillMap is your trusted visual guide

Nobody cares like you do.
With PillMap™ you’re in control.

PillMap provides a visual reference for each pill

A Visual Reference for Each Pill

  • One sample of each of your pills is placed in the easy-open PillMap, so the correct pill can be visually double-checked when taking.
  • This takes the guesswork out of making sure the right pill gets taken at the right time.
Each pill's information is customized

Each Pill’s Information is Customized

  • Medication name
  • Dosage
  • Can be updated as medications change.
  • No need to memorize when or what to take.
Daily pill regimen is customized

Daily Pill Regimen is Customized

  • Manages multiple pills for morning, midday, evening, or bedtime.
  • Completely customizable for any dosage or frequency.
  • The easy-to-visualize guide shows exactly what to take.
important contact information at your fingertips

Contact Information at Your Fingertips on the Back

  • Doctor and specialist information
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • When you aren’t there, your contact info is handy for the caregiver.
  • In an emergency, everything you need is on the PillMap.
improves clarity and consistency between multiple caregivers

Improves Clarity and Consistency with Multiple Caregivers

  • PillMap is designed for complex medication schedules and improves caregiver understanding in multiple hand-offs.
  • Family, friends, paid caregivers all work off the same medication schedule.
  • PillMap is a visual guide and easy to follow for non-English speaking caregivers.
work with your local trusted pharmacist

Work with Your Trusted Pharmacist

  • PillMap keeps you in control, in the center of care.
  • You work with your trusted pharmacist.
  • PillMap empowers you in the hub of information between doctors, pharmacists, and caregivers. That way you know what is being communicated.


The inexpensive, easy solution for managing medications for you or your loved ones.

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