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Caregiving Essentials – Philosophy and Goals

Kimber and the staff at PillMap know that your needs go beyond a great way to schedule medications.

You need practical advice and emotional support from people who have been there and are currently “there.”

Caregiving Essentials is dedicated to:

  • Providing an accurate method to administer medications for yourself or loved ones. Maybe it’s an aging parent, a spouse, maybe it’s your young child who is in and out of the hospital. Or maybe PillMap is for yourself. No matter the patient, the goal is to equip you to quickly, safely, and accurately deal with medication needs.
  • Providing all products at a very affordable price. PillMap gets it. The medical and Rx bills can be severe. PillMap will always be affordable.
  • Providing the needed information, tips, and support that comes with the often physically and emotionally exhausting task of caring for another. Kimber writes from her own experiences, as well as discovers and brings together helpful ideas all in one place – PillMap Resources.
  • Protecting you or your loved ones during the critical first minutes of medication fact-gathering during emergency room admittance.


The inexpensive, easy solution for managing medications for you or your loved ones.

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