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Medical Professionals and Caregivers Comment about PillMap.

As a home health nurse who frequently provides teaching to patients and families about medications, I can say that PillMap will make the teaching much easier and more effective. I will definitely recommend PillMap to my clients.

I am very interested in this innovative product, patient/caregiver driven solutions are exactly what we need to change healthcare!

From the moment I saw the PillMap prototype I knew it would be a tremendous help for many people. It can be difficult for patients and their caregivers to keep all their medications organized. PillMap is a simple way to know which pill is what, and when each one should be taken. PillMap is also easy to update when prescribers make changes. I look forward to recommending PillMap to my patients and their families.

Caring for our elderly parents requires up-to-the minute, 100% accurate tracking of their daily meds. PillMap affords non-professionals like myself the peace of mind of knowing we are on top of our parents’ medications as well as the ability to provide caregivers and family members this critical data at a glance.

As a long-time volunteer within the clinical setting, I have come to know that a major goal for medical centers is to lower the rate of readmissions, which are often the result of mismanagement or misuse of Meds. PillMap would significantly reduce this problem, while also providing peace of mind to patients and caregivers.

Disaster preparedness is the key to surviving any unexpected emergency. I am certain PillMap will save lives by providing first responders with pertinent medication information to eliminate confusion and protect loved ones.


The inexpensive, easy solution for managing medications for you or your loved ones.

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