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PillMap — Borne Out of Our Family’s Need

When the ambulance fled away BACK to the hospital with our 85-year-old grandmother because of under-medication by a home health care provider, we knew things had to change.

We are a blended family who came together to care for our grandmother who suffered with a broken neck, an AFib heart condition and painful arthritis. But we also provided care for our other grandmother with metastatic breast cancer, as well as our 90-year-old grandfather with a heart condition and Alzheimer’s.

Frankly at first — we were simply overwhelmed.

Our precious grandparents’ health conditions were severe and the medication regimens were often changing. Over or under-medicating by other caregivers sent them back to the hospital again and again. One time was too many times.

So, we sprung to action and bought tons of pill dispensing products to see how we could manage the multiple medications with multiple caregivers.

But there was no product out there that really did more than store the medicine for each day. We knew we had to come up with some kind of system for our own use.

It began with sticky notes and markers, but an innovative way to handle it began to take place. Over time, we developed a homemade PillMap product for our own use.

Seeing the effectiveness, other friends and family began asking us to mock up a PillMap for them, because they saw the effectiveness of using the PillMap product and system.

That led our family to come together again, this time to bring the PillMap to you. We worked with designers, specialists, and experts to create a tool that will empower you to care for your loved ones.

We know it works because we used it first.

“As we started using it, we discovered that PillMap gave us more than a way to schedule medication. It gave us peace of mind. That’s when we knew that others needed PillMap.”


The inexpensive, easy solution for managing medications for you or your loved ones.

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