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Who Cares? Companion Guidebook For The Family ‘s Caregiver Journey

Who Cares? Companion Guidebook for the Family ‘s Caregiver Journey

PillMap Interview with Author/Elizabeth Rawson, M.A.

Elizabeth Rawson, M.A.
Elizabeth Rawson, M.A.

I began working with caregivers two decades ago. Over the years, many shared their remarkable, hard stories with me. Some caregivers thrive at a time of life that drains the most stalwart of us all. During one particularly difficult time, my husband and I took care of his mother. So, even as I worked professionally with caregivers, I also served as one. It turns out I was ill-prepared for the intensity of the experience later, when my mother-in-law was in our care.

Elizabeth’s Story

The process motivated me to write a professional, practical manual for facilitating the creative process within a supportive group for caregivers. In turn, the women shared a safe place for brainstorming skills to manage the caregiving role, companionship and friendships. Did you know that 80% of caregivers are women? In Who Cares? my story, the truth about my own experience caregiving, I share parallel experiences to these women.Caregiver Advantage

As a caregiver and author, the PillMap interview with Peter Rosenberger resonated with me:  

People don’t need instructions from me about how to buy a wheelchair or find a good doctor. Instead, I am a fellow traveler on this messy road.


Caregiving is emotionally draining and physically demanding. In fact, the cry of the body overwhelms the moan of the heart. What we do comes at a cost. The gravity of this thing will suck you down. It has power.Caregiver Advantage

Recently, I lost myself again to a seemingly endless round of doctors’ visits. You see, my husband now requires a higher level of care relative to monitoring his medications. So, remembering which meds and dosages and when to take everything proves problematic for even the most conscientious caregivers.

Medication Management

Who reads the size one font on those bottles, anyway? We all know how a person’s health suffers if they forget to take the right medication, swallow the wrong pills, or take too many capsules. That’s why it’s essential to assist the person in your care relative to managing their meds. Medication management requires careful monitoring.

We recently started using PillMap. It immediately helped us clearly see and understand my husband’s medicinal morning and evening routine. Combined with the 7-day pill box for AM and PM pills, we are good to go! Thank you, PillMap!

Elizabeth Rawson, MA, is dedicated to the support, encouragement and empowerment of the family caregiver. Visit her at

About The Caregiver Advantage

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